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A different future is possible

In this moment of crisis, a space of possibility is opening up. Despite all its challenges, COVID-19 could also be a turning point.

The default future is bailouts and a few small adjustments to the status quo. But a different future is possible.

Right now, we do not need to know that future, let alone agree on it. This is a moment for open-minded exploration, for us to rebuild the muscle of our imagination, to sustain our capacity for hope.

Let us do this together. Our ideas are formed, dreams become real and hope catches fire when we are connected and in conversation.

We can begin with solidarity. What has trapped us for too long is our resignation born of isolation. These are collective challenges. We intuitively know that a bigger future is something forged with others, not built alone.

Let us start here and now. By standing up and saying:

Yes, I stand for possibility. I stand for a different future, for keeping open the door that has cracked open in this crisis, for keeping alive this conversation not only now but for as long as it takes for us to learn to dream again.

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Rufus Pollock, Sylvie Barbier, Alastair Thompson, Jacques Chlopczyk, Liam Kavanagh, Katrien Franken, Georgia Crowther, Petronella Tyson, Pia Waugh

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    Moral imaginations / Beyond Return

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